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Cool circuits and Wicked wires

Cool Circuits and Wicked Wires - Introduces children in a modern way to electricity and electronics.

Cool circuits and wicked Wires A book for age 6+ for their first steps in science and electronics. Packed with amazing experiments to try out using easy-to-find materials, the book makes it easy to understand simple circuits and resistors. Special sparky experiments to do with electricity. Simple step-by-step instructions to follow and everything looks wicked, and really works. In addition there are fascinating notes on electricity and its uses.

Paperback - ISBN: 1 902915 33 X

This is a great book for kids who want to have fun with electronic stuff.. There are lots of experiments to do, using batteries, LEDs and magnets.. It shows you how to set up the circuits using clear brilliant pictures..

Most of the things you need you can find at home, but to do all the experiments, you need a few simple parts that you should be able to buy in your local high street..

What people have said:

"Wow, this is my best birthday present!" on receiving the book and components to do the experiments

"That's cool - I didn't think it would do that - I've learnt something as well!" interested 40 year old..!


Other books by the same publisher b small publishing

Gruesome Grub and Disgusting Dishes
Price: £3.99 g

Tempt your family and friends with this gross and gruesome cookbook! Here is a terrific collection of revolting recipes including sweet and savoury dishes, hot and cold food and drinks. Every recipe tried and tested with simple step-by-step instructions and guaranteed to have you gagging (with laughter) while you cook. They look disgusting - but taste really yummy. Not a book for the squeamish, so strictly for young cooks only. Foul but fun!

Paperback - ISBN: 1 874735 45 X.    Price: £3.99


Astonishing Art with Recycled Rubbish
Price: £3.99

Don’t throw it away - recycle it! Impress your friends and help the environment by turning junk into amazing works of art. Make an Onion Fish out of real onion skins, a Jewelled Collar from can pulls, and Megga Mosaics with eggshells. Or build your own Jurassock Park ! These are just some of the masterpieces you can create with stuff you normally throw away. Every project is tried and tested, uses everyday materials and has clear step-by-step instructions. And there are special ‘Think About It’ boxes with fun facts on green themes. Cool, clever and fun.

Paperback - ISBN: 1 902915 55 0.    Price: £3.99

Mad Machines and Dotty Devices
Price: £3.99 m

Become a techno-wizard by undertaking these weird, wacky but simple technology projects. Blast off a balloon rocket, paddle power your plastic bottles and spy on neighbours with a secret Spyscope. The projects use everyday materials and have clear step-by-step instructions. A brief fact file explains the science and technology and there is loads of extra information on nutty inventors and amazing machines. An inventive, inspirational and great fun book.

Paperback - ISBN: 1 902915 91 7.    Price: £3.99


Terrible Tricks and Devious Disguises
Price: £3.99

tAmaze and impress your friends and shock your family with these wizard tricks and devilish disguises. Turn yourself into a Headless Horror and offer your friends Eyeballs on the Rocks with Toasted Tongues. Mystify them with the nifty Predictatrick, make your own Magic Wand and learn some indispensable Spy Codes. Everything has been tried and tested and has easy step-by-step instructions. You don't need any special equipment - just everyday household items. There are also tons of terrible tips and weird and wacky stories to freak you out! Wicked, wizard fun!

Paperback - ISBN: 1 902915 63 1.    Price: £3.99

Dinosaur Dishes and Fossil Food
Price: £3.99


More disgusting sounding dishes, this time with a prehistoric flavour. Tempt your family and friends with Dino Hatchlings, Pterosaur Wings, T.rex Ribs, Dino Dung and Ammonite Whirls. Simple step-by-step instructions to follow and though everything looks revolting, it tastes really great. In addition there are fascinating notes on the dinosaurs and their habits.

Paperback - ISBN: 1 902915 06 2. Price: £3.99


Slimy Science and Awesome Experiments
Price: £3.99

sA wonderful collection of wickedly slimy but perfectly simple science experiments! Balloon Belcher, Ectoplasmic Gunk, Floating Eyeball and Pus-filled Boil are some of the activities, guaranteed to appeal to gross-loving young scientists. All the projects are tried and tested, use everyday materials and have clear step-by-step instructions. A brief fact file also explains the science behind them and there are extra ‘Weird or What?’ sections to amaze and amuse. Freaky, fascinating and fun!

Paperback - ISBN: 1 874135 73 5.    Price: £3.99



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